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Fort Dunlop is an architectural icon. A Birmingham landmark.

During my time at Urban Splash I played a key role producing the graphics for Fort Dunlop, from the initial bid for Urban Splash's involvement in the site in 1998, then over the years during redevelopment, right up to the building's opening in 2006, and beyond.

It is the largest speculative office building outside of London, with over 300,000 sq ft of office space, 45,000 sq ft of retail space and a 100 bedroom hotel.

As Fort Dunlop was such a huge project I worked client-side for Urban Splash with Boxer to create the brand and permanent building signage, and Un.titled to produce the website.

In addition to collaborating with other designers, I was responsible for producing a lot of the graphics in-house including banners, signage, event graphics, direct mail flyers, e-newsletters and advertising. Here is a selection...

Various banners during the regeneration period
Various signage - permanent, temporary, wallpaper
Various event graphics
AT FORT DUNLOP campaign - direct mail flyers
AT FORT DUNLOP campaign - monthly e-newsletters
AT FORT DUNLOP campaign - full page advert
AT FORT DUNLOP campaign - 8 page Birmingham Post supplement